Sunday, 22 May 2011


John Lewis Advertisement:

Nanatsukahara Butter Cake - Designed by T-Square Design Associates
This cake uses special butter from Nanatsukahara farm, Hiroshima Prefecture. They wanted to use the package as a vehicle to communicate where the cake was made and coming from, enjoying the scenery of the farm and of course, the butter cake too:

Peace Solid - Typeface:
Inspired by psychedelic lettering of the late 1960s, originally introduced by poster artist Wes Wilson. The letters in the upper and lower case character positions curve differently, and several special 'turn characters' can be used to link between them. This typeface is driven by subject, as it is being representatitve of a certain era and the art movement of that time.
The pieces of packaging by GGRP, is driven by the subject, being music, the packaging doubles up as a protective casing and a device that allows the audience to interact and play the vinyl record, as if it is a turntable.

Adicolor - Adidas
This poster advertisement for Adidas trainers, is driven by subject as it is inviting the viewer to 'Create your Adicolor', therefore the imagery used is creative, with bold colour.

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