Monday, 16 May 2011

Analysis of restaurant Websites

Park Avenue Season Restaurant

I chose to analyze this restaurant as it as easy to navigate around, and is clear and informative. It provides enough information, in the right style that is complimentary of the restaurant itself.

This stays at the top of each page
Talks about the restaurant environment, how you can imagine the set up, and then about the chefs. has an image of one of their dishes.
Consists of image of the dishes. Each image you are able to click on to select different menu's including dinner, lunch, brunch, dessert and the wine list.
 The menus then are then laid out for each dish explaining what they consist of, and also the price.
Image of a table in the restaurant.
The first page allows you to choose your party size, the date and the time you wish to make a reservation...
 You are then directed to another page which says if that date and time is available, and then gives you the choice to change it if it isn't.
 You then are directed to another page were the customer details are needed. Including their name, phone number, email adress and special requests (if any).
After completing the reservation, an email is sent to you as confirmation.
Private Events:
This then directs you to 3 separate pages of three different rooms available for private hire. It also has a private dining enquiry page.

It also has sub pages that each fade through images of each season on page for: 'photos', 'seasonal transitions', 'seasonal desserts', and 'seasonal interiors'
These ar elinks to where the restaurant has been mentioned in the press.
There are also sub pages for, fact sheet, restaurant bios (chefs), openign announcement
Consists of the address
Location map - pin-pointing the restaurant
How to get there on the subway
Google maps link
Yahoo maps link
And also a sign up list, as a chance to receive information on upcoming events through emails.
It also has the email addresses for the general manager, private events organizer and for press inquiries.

This appears at the bottom of each page:
It has another navigation. And also has the restaurant address, phone number, website url, and copyright.

I have tried to map out the interface for this website to make it clear. And to help me when coming up with my website interface, so I have thign son the right pages and don't miss anything out.

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