Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Restaurant Interiors

When people go to restaurant they also pay for the experience they have there.

Restaurant can create one of a kind, unique atmosphere's, here are a few I found with amazing interiors. They each create a unique dining experience for the customer in their own ways:

Jaime Hayon's Restaurant Design

Cuckoo Club Modern Interior Design
''5,000 square feet of opulent design tinged with rock and roll influences, The Cuckoo Club offers world class mixologists, a nightclub open till the early hours and a destination restaurant headed up by culinary genius Rupert Blease. This is a club design by the company blacksheep, this is straight glamor out of a hip hop.''

Park Avenue Season Restaurant

Ramses Restaurant

Gold Restaurant - modern interior design
''Dolce & Gabbana opened a restaurant in Milan with smooth and shimmering golden accents everywhere. Gold Restaurant serves international Italian food, and has several levels including a downstairs bistro that opens at lunchtime and a more formal upstairs that serves dinner only. Although the thought of an entire Gold restaurant my seem over the top and gaudy, the d├ęcor of the many leveled building is effortlessly sophisticated, chic, and at times breathtaking.''

Bella Italia Modern Interior Design

The Blue Frog Restaurant
''The Blue Frog acoustic lounge and studio in Mumbai, India is designed by Serie architects. It’s a 1,000-square-meter complex that includes a club, restaurant, lounge, sound stage, recording studio and sound lab, all encased within the massive walls of an old warehouse in Mumbai’s mill district. Blue Frog does its job in a way that is totally stylish – not a tacky thing or overdone in sight. And everyone’s table is definitely on level ground, although it does not appear so first. The entire look of the place is highly sophesticated and futuristic.''

Banq Restaurant
''This is the best new restaurant in Boston by Office dA. The wall and ceilings are decorate using wave element made from unique pieces of three-quarter-inch birch plywood adhered together in a scenario that likens to a puzzle; only one possible location for each unit, formulating the continuous member. Below the ceiling, the functional aspects of a dining space are fabricated with warm woods and relaminated bamboo amplifying the striping affect already at play throughout the space.''

Honeycomb Restaurant
''The Chinese restaurant Honeycomb in Shenzhen by SAKO architect built in the 1300 square meters area, Honeycomb has large hall for group and for private it available VIP rooms. The restaurant using white opaque surface for large space partition and transparent acrylic surface in small space, they appear like ‘honeycomb’. In the theme of ‘unordinary space’, the ‘Honeycomb’ presented us with the idea where customers can enjoy their meal and the space at the same time. ''

''Nestled within the heart of the bustling West End, Floridita London emulates the 1930s style of the legendary El Floridita, creating the perfect blend of glamour and decadence from a by-gone era.With deep reds, luxurious white leather and an abundance of crystal, this Latin-inspired supper club combines an iconic, vibrant restaurant with the infamous Floridita Cocktail bar boasting the most impressive selection of rums in Europe.
The Floridita stage offers a glittering array of live entertainment each night of the week. Headed by the resident Floridita All-Stars, who combine sexy Latin rhythms with funk and soul each Friday and Saturday night, the entertainment programme embraces cabaret and live music to create the backdrop for London’s premier supper club.
Floridita Late continues until the early hours, so whether you are dining in the restaurant, sipping mouth-watering cocktails at the bar, or partying on the dance floor, Floridita encapsulates atmosphere and style for a truly decadent experience.''

Mandalay Bay


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