Thursday, 29 September 2011

Leeds College of Art - Previous Promotional Materials

I asked the marketing department for any previous promotional material used for the Leeds College of Art Graduation Ceremony. The designs are made in the marketing department themselves.

Here I have imagery of the previous flyer tickets, programme leaflet, and wallet (for certificate and tickets)

Ticket - 128 x 98
Programme booklet - 200 x 210 (100 x 210 folded)
Certificate wallet - 500 x 336 (250 x 336 folded)

They each use a simple colour scheme which is scarlet, white and black.

''A lot of attention was paid to print finish, and a scarlet stock was used in a heavy weight with a gloss white foil for the type.''

Open publication - Free publishing - More graduation

They also sent me the brief used a few years ago to create this promotional material.
I found that the same material is printed off in large quantities and is used over a few years, meaning new designs are not required every year. However I am going to propose an idea for the next set off promotional material.

Here was the brief: 

Graduation Ceremony Design

Date – October 2009

Marketing Contact 
Chloe Ackroyd
Tel 0113 202 8044

Leeds College of Art will be holding their first graduation ceremony at Leeds Town Hall, 11.30am Wednesday 25th November.

Link to our Graduation Ceremony page -
The courses that will be graduating are:
- BA (Hons) Fine Art
- BA (Hons) Graphic Design
- BA (Hons) / Foundation Degree Creative Advertising
- BA (Hons) / Foundation Degree Design for Digital Media
- BA (Hons) / Foundation Degree Photography
The Town Hall was built as a statement of civic pride, visible evidence of the importance of Leeds as a major centre of trade and commerce. It is still so today, and although it is no longer the centre of municipal administration and justice it fulfills many important functions.

The Victoria Hall continues to provide a venue for concerts of all kinds. The Leeds International Concert Season, the triennial Piano Competition, the Christmas Carol Service for Leeds Schools, and recitals on the magnificent organ take place there. Prayer meetings, light entertainment, wrestling matches, auctions and dances are all held in the Town Hall.

To design promotional material and the dressing/signage of the venue for the graduation ceremony.

Key Messages
-        Specialist College in art and design.
-        Reflect our values – innovation and creativity, nurturing individuality.
-        High quality work, a reputation for excellence and strong graduates.
-        Reflect our history, tradition and present status.

Target Audiences
It is important that the promotional material appeals to our audiences.
-  Graduands
-  Friends and family of graduands
-  Leeds College of Art staff
-  Guest speakers and visitors
Design for following:
-        Venue dressing/signage
-        Graduation Ceremony brochure
-        Certificate Sleeve
-        Invitations

Leeds Town Hall is a very large venue. There are many options to dressing the venue therefore we’d like to propose 2 lists, an essential and a nice to have.
  1. Essential – minimum dressing
  2. Nice to have - expanded dressing.   

Content and Style
Consistency of visual identity must be apparent between the all promotional graduation publicity material.

A friendly but formal tone of voice should be used. This is an occasion in line with a family wedding for example.

It should be professional, considered, and innovative whilst portraying the College as a leader in art, design, media and communications education.

100% recycled paper stock will be used for printing purposes, which is usually quite porous-  certificate sleeve may come in a different stock dependant on availablility.

Existing Leeds College of Art banners will be used.

Please select colours that compliment current promotional material with consideration for replication in CMYK, to ensure consistency throughout the campaign over a variety of applications (eg. internal and external signage).

In general the font Clarendon should be used, Helvetica may be used for smaller text.

Photographic opportunities should be considered whilst designing for the venue. The mosaic logo must be present throughout venue to feature in background.

Essential information to be included
When considering the design please ensure that the following details are incorporated:
-        College name/logo – Mosaic logo should be used where possible
-        College name, address and contact details, as outlined below

Leeds College of Art, Blenheim Walk, Leeds LS2 9AQ
Telephone - 0113 202 8000

-        Visit to Leeds Town Hall Friday 23rd October at 9.30am
-        Promotional material that goes to print will be need to be complete at least 2 weeks before the event, may be sooner for the certificate sleeves.
-        Graduation Wednesday 25th November 2009

If you need any further information, please contact Chloe. 

I am going to re-write a simplified version of the brief taking into consideration the mandatories and specifications that are required.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Studio Workshop


-Improve my Software skills
-Get more industry contacts/experience
-Win a competition brief
-Publication design
-Experiment with stock
-Web Design
-Be more organised
-Be in the studio more


-Portfolio I am proud of
-Confidence in presenting and talking about my work
-Written dissertation before Christmas
-Completing quick turn around briefs
-Confidence to make quick informed design decisions
-Grahame's blessing (Type)
-Enter as many competitions and live briefs as I can
-Get involved


-Special Events


-Public sector


- Brand
-Publication - magazines, book
-Promotional Material
-Info. graphics


-Focus and clarity

-Confidence in my design work
-More organised
-Read more
-Experiment - play
-Software skills


-Concept building
-Book binding

-finding new things that inspire me


-Self promotion
-design for large scale media

-Good quality - well executed resolutions
-Effective graphic design
-Website, business card

An experimental investigation of brand identity with a focus on concept.

An experimental investigation of layout with a focus on type.

A conceptual investigation of layout with a focus on type.

An experimental investigation of concept with a focus on creating effective resolutions that communicate clearly.

Editorial investigation of type and layout with a focus on concepts and print process.


Statement of Intent

I have chosen these briefs because I want to work creating brand identity, and experimenting with type and layout. The subject are based around my current interest, designing promotional material for commercial products. I feel these briefs will allow me to explore creative concepts, but will also have boundaries for me to stick to, however this does not mean I will stay safe with my designs, and I aim to challenge these boundaries and see how far I can experiment. I would like to create deliverables for both on screen and print, including website designs, publications, stationary and promotional material. I want to have the opportunity to collaborate with students of other disciplines, and also with people from Graphic Design. I feel this will help me to push my ideas as sharing the project means a lot more work will be produced in a shorter amount of time, and it will also be a learning experience, and something I think I will enjoy.
Statement of Intent
To fulfill my rationale I have selected briefs that will allow me to focus on branding. Understanding a brand is important in portraying the right message and style. I want to work on substantial briefs and also quick turnaround briefs to prove my capabilities of being able to make quick decisions and come up with design solutions quickly. I also intend on using old student competition briefs, and also submitting work from current competition briefs and live briefs.
I will have to research my subject matters thoroughly, in order to understand them and to make informed design decisions. I will need to research the target audience and their lifestyles, as this will impact my designs and can lead me into different directions.
I want to develop my software skills so that I am completely confident in using the Adobe Suite. I also want to  use different printing processes and different print finishes, if the brief budget and timescales allow it.
I will critically analyze, document, record and evaluate my work across my Design Practice and Design Context blogs. I will keep referring to my briefs, but if I feel I need to change them I will do, if it allows me to push my ideas further. I will use crits, tutorials and surgeries to gain informative feedback, and take it on board, to help me push my resolutions into reaching their full potentials.

DNA of Design

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Devilfish has created the branding for Handmade in Britain, a collaboration between the BBC and the Victoria & Albert Museum, which will see programmes aired on the BBC and exhibitions hosted at the V&A.

I really like the composition of the type and image, and great piece of design that is relevant and appropriate.

D&AD Pin Up

Monday, 19 September 2011

Writing a design brief

Graphic Competitions

Design Museum

Gaining recognition from your peers is satisfying, but avert your gaze from the navel of the design community and you'll . nd a host of competitions run by organisations such as the BBC, national press and other media sources. One of the most prestigious must be the Design Museum's Designer of the Year award. Note, however, that nominations are by invitation only. To be in with a chance of getting hold of that £25,000 prize fund, you may need to work on increasing your profile.
Next entry date: n/a
Additional prize: £25,000

Cimputer Arts

Uber Agency

Homepage Web Design:

The Saatchi Experiment

Chip Shop Awards

Best packaging design / point of sale
Company: Fresh
Brand: innocent
Title: little tasty baby foods
Credited Individuals: Hayley Leaf, Rick Matthews, Dave Matthews

Best work for a relative or friend
Company: Bryan James Design
Brand: Church High School for Girls
Title: Year 13 Yearbook
Credited Individuals: Bryan James

Best ambient media
Company: Stacey & Sareka @ Chemistry
Brand: Topshop / Oxfam
Title: A bag for lives.
Credited Individuals: Sareka Barwood, Stacey Buxton

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Noma Bar

Noma Bar 'Cut It Out' at the London Design Festival

Creative Review - Noma Bar's amazing die-cutting doggy