Monday, 31 October 2011

The Icecreamists

'The Ice Creamists' concept of boutique ice-cream is targeted towards adults, and has a very classy, upmarket feel to it.
The logo itself is quite gothic with a skull and wings, with 'Agents of Cool' as their slogan.

Her are some of their campaign imagery, which are clearly aimed at their target audience:

Baskin Robbins

The concept for Baskin Robbins Ice Cream is that they offer 31 flavours of ice cream. The number 31 was chosen so a customer could have a different flavour every day of any month. They also had the iconic pink spoon, that let people sample flavours before they decided which to buy.


The bar burrito offers the 'stations' experience like subway were you can make decisions on what you want in your burrito at different points. This is a form of interaction that can intrigue customers.
BARBURRITO has a strong brand identity that is consistent across their range. Here are some imagery from their website:

 I really like the 'maths' to make the perfect burrito:

 Here they exchange letters for items of food that can be chosen to top on the burrito:

Step-by-step to eating a burrito. Simple and clear:


Imagery used for the range of salsa spiciness

Use of photography

Ice Cream Parlour

I found a really good design concept for an ice cream parlour that was consistently carried through a range of products:


The subway logo is both recognisable and memorable of the sandwich stores. The colours used are bold and the font is legible.

 Subway offers a dining experience that is a step-by-step to making your perfect sandwich. This is done in 'stations' were decisions are made by the customer at each one. This may make customers want to come back and try something different next time they come back.
Here it the subway process, it is simplistic yet effective:

Here is some branding of the stores:

 And soem packaging: