Monday, 9 May 2011

Jamie's Italian

This restaurant identity was created by 'The Plant'.

Here is what The Plant said:
''We lost ourselves in Italian commercial design of the middle 20th century for Jamie Oliver's new restaurant venture.
Vespa, Piaggio, Cinzano, Talmone, Barbisio, Fiat, Strupai.
Then we made it all with our own little twists.The logo looks as if it could've been ripped from a trattorria in Trastavere, but everything that surrounds it has a distinctly Oliver feel to it.
We created signage, menu systems, a website, interior graphics, wallpaper, wrapping paper, even signs for the loo...''

''When Jamie's Italian was first conceived, the starting point was to re-create what Italians are most proud of - fantastic, rustic dishes, using recipes that have been tried, tested and loved! Jamie talks about "feeling Italian" and in Gennaro Contaldo, we can tap into real thing. A great mentor for our young chefs and someone who, as a boy growing up in a tiny fishing village on the Amalfi coast, learned how simple, fresh ingredients, prepared and cooked with love and passion (a phrase he uses every day - and means!) become truly great dishes. 
So of course we wanted to serve exceptional food. But our aim was also to create an environment with a "neighbourhood" feel, inspired by the "Italian table" where people relax, share, and enjoy each other's company. Jamie's Italian was designed to be accessible and affordable, a place where anyone is welcome and everyone will feel comfortable, no matter how much you spend or how long you stay.''

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