Monday, 23 November 2009

Neville Brody

post modern/style over content/composition/contrast between black and white

Helmut Krone

I like how the car works in tandem with the tagline ' Think Small'. The composition of the piece with the car loooking small in the distance over a white background is very catching.



A.M Cassandre

The french graphic design mixed the literal with figurative, within his design pieces.


'Beat the white with the red wedge''
The line, colour, shape and form of this piece makes it a powerful image.


Graphic Design / Fine Art
Abstraction/Offset angles

Alphonse Mucha

Guiness Advertisements

(Photographer - Toby Borrow, Art Director - Tom Hoskins)

The guiness pint is recogniseable as a dark glass with a white head. So within the advertisements this concept is manuipulated using different objects to ressemble a pint of guinness in many clever different ways.


Banksys creates graffiti art in strategical places. His work is mostly of humourous scenarios, and are deffinately unique pieces of graffiti art. 

TBWA Paris

I liek the idea for this piece of advertsing for clothes design, as they used dirty marks from the ground  with simple clothing designs drawn around them. It is very humourous, clever and effective.

Kelle Rebbe

The coloured pieces from each object on the left, have been taken out and put back together to resemble another object. I think it is a very clever piece of work, that represents the 'perfect organisation' of the company that it is advertising.

David Guilaume

A bag design by Guilaume looks liek the man is holding a gun, as a way of portraying gun crime.

Abbott Mead Vickers

I like the humour of this billboard display where the light bulb glows as somebody walks underneath it, to show they have an idea!

Nick Knight for Alexander McQueen

Again I have an image by Nick Knight, I like he digital manipulation of this image with the pin goin through the skin on her forehead and the white eye. It gives a sence of ugliness in contrast with the beauitful garment.

Tim Fishlock

I like these letterforms designed by Fishlock as they use strong, bold sapes and colour. They are readable when put together as word, however, some can be quite hard to figure out on their own.

Chris Clark

Chris Clark takes into consideration the typeface and its forms and manipulates this in fascinating ways, her is some he made with wooden cubes.

Hand Job - Book

I fing these illustrative pieces very intruiging and I think the detail used withtin them are very effective.

Sue De Beer

Again,I like the use of coloured light, from either reflectors or gels, to give a more surreal effect to the images.

Cai Fei

I liek the suggestive elements to these pieces as it makes you wonder what has happended.

Tierney gearon

I like the digital manipulation of these images and how two images with different environment are merged together, forcing a relationship between the two images.

nan goldin

Again, ius another realistic photography looking into peoples private lves. I like the use of the mirror in this image and the composition with the woman to the left and her reflection in the mirror on the right to balance out the image.

Luisa Lambri

In these window images, there is a strong contast between the two with the use of lighting and shadow, it reminds me off a before and after shoot.

Larry Clark

Similar to the work of Dash Snow, his photography is very in touch with reality. I like the use of lighting within his black and white images, and how striking the shadows and highlights are.

Dash Snow

His photgraphs seem to have a realistic and personal feel to them.

Caroline Shepard

Her photography is very digitally manipulated with the images looking so clean and crisp as if they are painted. I like how she has a main source of light clearly coming from a particular direction.

Angela Strassheim

I like her use of lighting within her photogrpahy as you she used coloured reflectors and gels to give a more intiguing appearance.