Sunday, 22 May 2011


Creative Creatures designed by Grain Creative
At Halloween, Grain Creative decided to create bottles of wine, labeled with details of their Halloween party, to send as an ivitation to their clients, to give a teaser of what was to come on the night. The invitations has humurous aspects to them, an draws influence from 50s horror films and The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
I think this piece of work is driven by the function and purpose as it is designed to be an intriguing invitation:

X-ACTO by Joy Lin

The piece of packaging is driven by the function and purpose as is is designed to be reuseable. It recognizes the users every need in terms of transport, storage, usage, and disposal. Additionally, the compartmentalized design ensures that all of your precision tools are safely and conveniently accessible.

Packaging looks as if it could have actually been cut out with an X-ACTO blade. The material is stacked B-fluted corrugated, die cut and printed using soy-based flexographic inks.

LACK Magazine (Concept)
This progressive cover concept, is driven by the function and purpose. It resembles a bag shapes using the 'dust' fold, as women have been noticed to get caught in awkward situatuions tryign to hold onto their magazine. It was also created as a way of promoting LACK Magazine as the women holdign it will be like a walking advertisement.

Calendar made of matches

Client: VS Energy International Ukraine
This calendar is driven by purpose as it was important to expose the idea of "energy", as it is predetermined by the name and logo of the company.
Each page is a month and it looks like a comb made of matches that correspond to the days.

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