Monday, 23 May 2011

Commoner Inc.

Work by Commoner Inc.

Fast Eddie's Barber Shop:
"Fast Eddie's is a no nonsense barber shop found in Allston, MA. one of Boston's many historical neighborhoods. This place is the epitome of traditional Americana, which I wanted the mark and typography to represent; Franklin Gothic and ATF Bodoni scanned from a letterpress book with a mashup illustration combining an iconic eagle and barber's comb.
I wanted to stay away from the "red, white & blue" barber pole theme and stick with something high contrast and modern. Stark, rich blacks screen printed on whitewash 100 lb. card stock give the collateral a strong masculine feel while referencing the brand's age and history."

The Lower Depths:"Identity for a taproom and restaurant in Kenmore square, inspired by it's port town history."

Rat City Beer Inc:
"Rat City is a boutique brewery specializing in artisanal craft beer, located in the heart of Allston, MA. The company was named as a tribute to the neighborhood it resides in, notorious for it's overwhelming rat population. Being ever optimistic, the name was a way to show local pride as well as differentiate itself from the many other brewhouses in Boston and the surrounding area.
Drawing much influence from the prohibition era, the design and copy give a nod to the classics while still remaining relevant and contemporary. The brand reflects a blue collar, D.I.Y. aesthetic that is steeped in tradition with respect for the craft of home brewing."

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