Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Team Impression - Latest Printed Work

Foil Blocking: 
Foil blocking is a dry printing process in which a thin layer of foil is transferred via a die to the surface to be printed. A combination of heat and pressure releases the pigment and leaves the image on the printed surface.


Although it is most widely known and used in its gold and silver forms, there seems to have been a recent resurgence amongst Team’s designer clients to use coloured foils, especially white, black and clear. This can achieve really striking results, such as in the example opposite, where a blue foil has been used on a blue uncoated stock. Clear foils can be extremely effective in cases such as this but on certain stocks a slight ‘mottling’ effect may appear where the fibres of the stock show through, especially if the stock has a very open and tactile surface. The coloured foil provides an excellent solution here, and nowadays it is relatively easy to find coloured foils to match a design.

Clear foils can often be much more effective than spot varnishing. Be imaginative. As well as the wide range of colours available, there is also a wide range of special effect foils, such as pearlescent, opalescent, holographic and textured.

Preparing your artwork:
Treat your foiled area as a single coloured colour plate, clearly identified as a foiled area. It is worth considering that different coloured foils achieve different results on different stocks. This can greatly affect the fineness of detail that can be achieved, especially when foiling text in very small point sizes. In general, a smoother sheet will usually be preferable in these cases. There are always plenty of samples of foiled jobs in the Team portfolio.

''This sample shows an excellent result achieved by putting a blue foil onto a blue uncoated stock.''
''Different coloured foils can be extremely effective when combined with coloured paper.''
''This shows extremely fine silver metallic foil printed onto matt black paper.'' 

Lee Cooper look-book- 
This Lee Cooper look-book was designed by 999 in Manchester and printed on 350gsm Stephen Sultry Grey and 130gsm Arctic Volume White, loop stitched with a gloss black foil to finish.

Blue print for success- 
Put an imaginative designer together with a like-minded printer and what do you get? A fabulous brochure with blue foil and a specially mixed blue ink printed onto Colorplan Imperial blue.

JD Sports Annual Report and Accounts 2010- 
Team got their best trainers on and shot out of the blocks to produce this in personal-best time. The cover, printed on Colorplan Prisine White, features an exceptionally crisp embossed headline set in a caption balloon of clear foil and a silver foil title.

Cofra brochure- 
This brochure for Cofra, designed by Mark Starbuck and Anthony Hodgson at Face Media, is a brilliant example of getting the most out of Team – using a combination of digital print, litho, foiling and hand finishing.  

The slipcase and cover is Sirio Pietra 210gsm, silver foiled and hand finished in-house. The internal shortened pages are litho printed metallic silver on Sirio Pietra 140gsm with the main text pages digitally printed onto Splendorgel Digital 140gsm (all papers by Fedrigoni).

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