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Yale Tomorrow
Yale University
Identity and communications for the most ambitious fundraising drive in Yale's history, a comprehensive five-year capital campaign that raised $3.88 billion.

In this branding for Yale University a simple >> is used to represent 'tomorrow'. The concept informs the audience of ideas that could be, and will be, in the future from a technological point of view, that tomorrow will bring change.
The main colour used is dark blue. Dark blue represents knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness. It is also linked to consciousness and intellect.
This is an appropriate colour for Yale as it is representing education.
The tone o voice is quite formal and serious, but also inspirational to think of possibilities of the future.

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NYC Parks
New York City Department of Parks and Recreation
Identity and signage program for one of the world’s largest urban park systems.

For NYC Parks the colour green is used along with a leaf in their logo and across their branding to represent nature and the environment, this is also used with white which associates with clarity and purity.
I particularly like the posters with imagery in black and white with the orange colour block. This 2 colour design is effective and eye catching.
The branding is consistently spread across a range of materials that are appropriate to the audience. The signage for the parks have a clear hierarchy of information and are shown in context for more clarity.

Modern British Sculpture
The Royal Academy
Identity for the academy's exhibition that examines 20th-century British sculpture and features work from the likes of Barbara Hepworth and Damien Hirst.

The identity for the exhibition uses imagery with a bold typeface, which gives clarity and context to the promotional material. The white of the type stands out from the image, and the small red box of the 'Royal Academy of Arts', is an accent colour which also stands out on its own.
The promotional posts are consistently used in all scales and proportions in the format of window displays, building hangings, strip banners and subway posters.

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Art Directors Club Hall of Fame Gala
Art Directors Club
Graphic identity for ADC Hall of Fame gala, exhibition and "Festival of Fame" speaker series.
This set of printed material for the Art Directors Club has a feeling of importance and clarity. The 'A's' and 'D's' in the list of names are in a different colour to the rest of the letters, which is a  nice subtle touch. Care has been taken to create printing on the edges of paper  to the pages below, which reflects precision. The concept of using quotes are appropriate as they are inspirational and relevant, as they are form Creative Professional who have made impact on the design world.

New York University Abu Dhabi
New York University
Identity for NYU's new campus in Abu Dhabi, as well as a wide range of material to support NYUAD's activities.

The colour used in these designs plays an important role in these deigns. I think they may be reflective of the culture, and when they are used over a black background it really puts emphasis not hem and make them stand out, wether in type of pattern. The pattern is a nice touch, and I like the purple colour block with the white text as it stands out. The range is consistent, and also uses type that is reading sideways across a lot of the booklets. This is relevant to the hierachy.

Columbia Commons
Columbia Commons
Identity for a residential real estate development in Brooklyn, New York.
I like the typeface used and think it is effective and appropriate. The logo has quite a decorative element that suggests elegance. On the printed book the white typeface is quite dominating, contrasting against the black/grey stock. The subtle embossing of the logo which splays across the front and back of the cover is a subtle touch that suggests care and attention to detail. I think these elements reflect the business as a leading company in there market, known for attention to detail. The bellybands are also a nice touch.

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