Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Existing Ice Cream Parlour

Branding for Ice-Cream parlours usually have a consistency to them, that their target audience is usually families with children. There is a lot of bold colours and illustrations used within the designs to give an impression of fun and simplicity.

To gain a bespoke feel to the designs for the Ice Cream Parlour, I want to try and tackle the brief with a different tact. Obviously colour will play an important role along with type and image, but I want to create different associations and connections.

Here I have looked at a few different Ice Cream Website to get a feel for their particular brand:

Cheshire Farm Ice Cream
Home Page-
 How it's made-
 Cheshire Farm Illustrated Map-

Mr Whippy Ice Cream

Charlottes Real Jersey Ice Cream Parolour

Ice Cream Parolour London

Parolour Menu

London Restaurant Festive Sample Menu
Children's Menu
Frederick's Ice Cream

Marble Slab:

Cold Stone Creamery

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