Monday, 7 March 2011

Visit to M&S

I visited M&S to put myself in the place of the consumer

I asked if they had any leaflets or information about Plan A that is available for people to take, but they had none. However they had a board that explained the Plan A scheme, but this was well out of the way, at the back of the store near the toilets, so was not available for everyone to se.
It is important to consider that customers in store are there to shop, and may not necessarily have the time to stop and read the boards and find out about Plan A, but having something that they can take and read in their own time would be more effective.

Here are the boards in store:

The boards contain images that attract the customer to read. However there is a lot of information, so they would have to stop and spend a few minutes reading. But even after this there is nothing that they can take as a reminder.

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