Wednesday, 2 March 2011

M&S Plan A

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About Plan A:
''We launched Plan A in January 2007, setting out 100 commitments to achieve in 5 years. We've now extended Plan A to 180 commitments to achieve by 2015, with the ultimate goal of becoming the world's most sustainable major retailer.
Through Plan A we are working with our customers and our suppliers to combat climate change, reduce waste, use sustainable raw materials, trade ethically, and help our customers to lead healthier lifestyles.
We're doing this because it's what you want us to do. It's also the right thing to do. We're calling it Plan A because we believe it's now the only way to do business.
There is no Plan B.''


Looking at the website for Plan A, here is the logo used stating 'Plan A. Doing the right thing''.
The main colour scheme works in tones of green, light brown, black and white.

At the heart of Plan A are the 5 pillars of:

Climate Change
We aim to make all our UK & Irish operations carbon neutral by 2012. We'll maximise our use of renewable energy and only use offsetting as a last resort. And, we'll be helping our customers and suppliers to cut their carbon emissions too.

 We're significantly reducing the amount of carrier bags and packaging that we use, and are looking for new ways to recycle what we do use. By 2012 we aim to ensure that none of our clothing or packaging needs to end up as landfill. 

Sustainable Raw Materials
We're looking at the materials we use in every area of our business from fresh food and fabric to the way our shops are built. We aim to use materials from only the most sustainable sources protecting the environment and the world's natural resources for future generations.

Fair Partner
As an own brand with influence over a quarter of million workers worldwide, we are in a unique position to set new trading standards that improve the lives and communities of those who work for and with us.

Healthy eating is a major part of healthy living so we've expanded our range of healthier options and introduced a clearer 'traffic light' labelling system on packaging to help our customers make informed food choices. We’ll continue to work with staff and customers to help them choose a healthier lifestyle.

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