Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Design Production - Print (Form/Function/Production)

Content and Catagorisation

Form and Format
   -creative packaging
   -relatiobship between content, form and format
   -multiple uses (from one to another), durability
   -2D to 3D - 3D to 2D
   shape and structure
   -range of possibilities - colour coded (100% Chocolate Cafe)

Media and Processes
   -spot varnish
   -surface/texture/stock - tone of voice - relate to form/format/content

Audience and Interaction
   -open up

Form anf Function
   -something to wear
   -to spread a message
   -(7 steps to better listening)(YKM - skipping rope bag)

Scale and Context
   -billboard - distance
   -what is appropriate
   -(the largest digital print possible in college is 1.2m x 20m)

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