Friday, 15 October 2010

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is still as influential to women of the modern day as she was in the 1950s. She was described as a true artsit when it came to applying make-up, as she accentuated her best features.
Both known for her beauty and hourglass silhouette, she boasted her femininity through her elegance and was protrayed as a sex siren.

Marilyn's make-up application regime was very specific.
The make-up products that were essential in helping her maintain her 'look' and how she used them:
-Blush- To enhance cheeks, shorten nose (in pink/coral)
-Illuminating powder/highlighter creme- on the cheek,eyes, nose and forehead
-White eye shadow- silky (non-creasing) applied up to the brow bone
-Brown/blue eye shadow - worked into outer crease of the eyelid
-Eye Liner- (in black/brown) to make eyes look wider:
on the upper lash line- apply from inner corner to outer and sweeping the line upwards and out
on the lower lash line- start from were the iris starts and line out, not too thick
don't join the top and bottom line on the outer edge, instead using a white highlighted pencil inbetween, sweep a little line
-Mascara/False Eyelashes - more emphasis, wider/larger eyes
Eye-lash curlers
Red lip liner- not too dark, apply to outer line of lips
Red lipstick- Marilyn used up to 5 differnt shades at once working with darker shades on the outside to lighter shades on the inside of the mouth
Lip gloss (Bees wax) - shine
Eyebrow pencil - to create emphasis and structure

and also...
Chanel No.5 perfume
Nivea Skin Moisturising Lotion

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