Saturday, 30 October 2010

Paul Rand

Paul Rand was an influential designer in the 40's. His use of white space was a key element to his design work. And using black and primary spot colour text.

I really like the composition of this piece of work with the way the text wrap around the image . The use of white space gives a clear focus of the piece.

''In his advertising work Rand frequently used futura instead of the more common calligraphic fonts. His advertising was simpler looking and in turn more eye-catching that the typical ads. Rand brought ideas and intelligence to advertising, but kept in mind that whatever he was doing, should communicate, so the guy in the street knew what they were trying to sell. For every product he defined the problem and costumized a solution. His advertising was conceptually sharp and visually smart. Every detail was meant to attract the eye. He often divided designs into two components; a large mass that drew the attention and a smaller mass that needed closer attention.''

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