Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Design for Print - Mac Suite - Photoshop

Lab Colour - research
Bitmap - black/white pixels (no grey)

Work in RGB - convert to CMYK before saving
-RGB to CMYK - makes colours dull
-when working with RGB image - view 'Gamut' warning (the grey shows colours affected by CMYK)
-then use 'Hue/Saturation' or 'Replace Colour' bring up fuzzines - saturation or
-File revert - back to original - take off gammut - use proof colours (working in photoshop with colours that will be printed
-gradient tool - rectangle marquee - 'Alt + Backspace' fills with foreground, 'Command + Backspace' fills with background colour

Colour Picker - RGB/CMYK
-When (triangle) warning comes up - click and it will give the nearest printable colour
-'D' will change foreground + background back to black + white

Swatches - new
-hold Alt and click on each colour to delete
-click in empty box (paint bucket appears for new swatch) (vbutton)Save
-can use colour picker + 'save to swatches'
To savein Home KH
-library- app support- adobe- adobe illustrator- en_GB- swatches

Spot Colours
-can be cheaper (2colour print rather than 4 - CMYK)

Using greyscale image for duotone
-Image - mode - duotone, change colours (monotone - 1 colour, duotone - 2 colour)
-gradient - change curve, change shadows and highlights
-change back to greyscale - select certain part of image - 'channels (vbutton) - new spot channel
-can change solidity
-use white paintbrush to get rid of spot colour, cna be used for spot varnish

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