Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Design for Print - Illustrator

For Help go to Hardrive-Users-Shared-CS5 Manuals

-change, create own using colour pallette
-small list view, gives more colour info (CMYK)

Add used colour
-adds colour swatched of those used, made in swatches

New Swatch
-tick global, changes all objects of the same colour to another colour
-can create tints of swatch if global is ticked
   -change tint% - then create new swatch

Spot Colour
-pre mix, not CMYK

Pantone Colour
-open swatch library
-colour books
-small list view
-show find field
-add swatches - click

Save swatches as library
-to open again go to 'open swatch library - used defined -choose saved...
-save swatches as ASE' - so they can be used in other Adobe programs

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