Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Brief 2 - Fedrigoni - Animals

I have decided to use 4 animals, to represent each book of the 'Paper Selection Tool'.
These books colours are Warm, Cool, Neutral Browns, Neutral Greys, so I wanted to use animals with recognisable patterns/features in these colour ranges.

One idea I had was to use fish in the 4 colour ranges to have an Aquarium theme, however it was hard to find appealing fish in brown colours.

I also looked at animals that are at the zoo, that have recognisable colours for each paper selection book.
I feel these work better, and the animals that I want to use to promote the Tool are:
Warm - Tiger
Cool - Peacock
Neutral Brown - Giraffe
Neutral Grey - Zebra

I also want to look into colour gradients for each of the colour books that could be re-produced use ding the process of screen printing, to represent the range of shades.

The colour gradients:
Warm - pink, red, orange, yellow
Cool - green, blue, purple
Neutral Browns - brown, beige, cream
Neutral Greys - white, light grey, dark grey, black

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