Monday, 5 December 2011

Denim weaving process

Here is a video that goes through the process of making jeans right from collecting the cotton to sending the jeans to stores.

The process itself is interesting and I picked up on a few key stages.

-Cotton crops - harvesting
-Sieving - Refined Cotton
-Blended cotton
-Carding (combining and untangling fibres - combining and pulling into a 'web')
-Slither (6 slithers are stretched and combined)
-Spinning (cotton slithers are pulled and twisted) - produced fine yarn - reels
-Dyed yellow (because indigo blue dye isn't water soluble so first needs to be mixed with a reducing agent -Sodium hyrdosulphate- and when removed has contact with oxygen and turns blue)
-Corn starch used to make stiffer - dryer
-Loom - white and blue thread (1 white to 3 blue threads)
-Pattern Cutting (denim sacks of 100 sheets) - more like carpentry than tailoring (It takes approximately 15 pieces that make up a standard pattern for a pair of standard 5 pocket jeans.)
-Stitching together - each pair takes 15 minutes to make- 1.6metres of denim, several hundreds metres of thread, 6 rivets and 1 zipper or 5 buttons
-Distressing - sanding worn patches, grinding in frayed edges, spraying on stains, lazer gun creases,
-Stonewashing - washing machines with volcanic rock
-Pressed, labelled and boxed

These stages could be used to name a certain pair of jeans, I could narrow them down the main specifics.
I think this appeals well to the brand as it should refer to the process of making denim and this is a subtle hint to it, if I use just key words

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