Thursday, 3 November 2011

Fedrigoni - Imaginative Colours Tool

Starting from the brand-new Imaginative Colours system, a chromatic guide to the colours available in Fedrigoni special papers. Four packs, classified by nuances of warm, cool and neutral colours, for a total of 262 samples of paper that really enable graphic designers to appraise the best shade, the most suitable surface and the potential matches for their publication projects, prestigious packaging designs, classy brochures and unforgettable labels.

 Body Copy Text for the mail shot:

Fedrigoni is pleased to present the Imaginative Colours paper selector, an encyclopedia of colour available from the entire Fedrigoni special papers range. 
The tool consists of four fan style paper booklets, divided into sections of: warm, cool and neutral colours, containing a total of 262 samples of paper. The Fedrigoni paper selector is an essential tool for graphic designers to appraise the best shade and suitable surface for their latest projects. 
The ultimate toolkit for design and print professionals, who'll soon be wondering how they ever managed without it on their desks, a real source of inspiration for loads of creative, innovative ideas!

A new chromatic guide for Fedrigoni special papers, the handy tool for innovative ideas. 4 theme-based packs for 262 astonishing colour shades. It’s the right partner for designers and art directors to choose packaging and communication project papers: IMAGINATIVE COLOURS.

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