Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Print Analysis

1. Box packaging for 'Nerds' sweets:
Process- Litho
Hexographic Printing (6 colour)
Stock- Card (Satin), it is solid but can also be folded and perforated
Format- 3D
Finishing- Folded, perforated, glued, tabbed
Specials- None
Target Demographic- In America it would be for children. In England maybe for collectors as the product is not available here anymore
Cost Band: Budget as it would be mass produced, does not have a special finish
Quantity: Mass produced
Competition: It differs from other similar products as it's form the well known 'Wonka' brand, box form ratehr than sweet wrapper, it is retro and possibly a collectable

2. Keyring/Bottle Opener for Sol (Lager)
Process- Acid etched
Stock- Metal, strong enough to open bottle tops with
Format- Special
No Specials or Finishings
Target Demographic- Freshers, students
Cost band- cheap/budget as it was handed out for free
Quantity- Mass produced
Competetition- Keyrings/bottle openers for other brands of alcohol. Plain/metal

3. Canvas bag for Hi-Fi Club
Process- Screen Print
Colours- Black (K) Block Colour printing
Stock- Canvas/cotton
Format- Standard
No finishings or Specials
Target- Freshers, students
Cost Band- Budget/cheap suggested, as it was handed out for free and is only single colour printed
Quantity- Mass produced
Competetion- Similar bags for other clubs. However, logo stands out

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