Monday, 26 April 2010

Fingerprints (Book)

I am creating a guide for freshers on how to throw a flat party so I have started to look at existing 'guides', 'how to...' products, and other interesting pieces of informative design work.

Mink Car Album and CD (The Chopping Block)
The Chopping Block illustrated the lyrics to ''I Got Bit By a Mick Car'' for the CD cover. Sketches of the car, engine and numerous auto parts, as well as the model figure the car has hit. The piece looks serious but is layered with humour and kitsch elements.

Chrome Dome Web Site (SVA MFA Design School)
Project done in good humour, to offer resources to encourage men who are balding  not to succomb to the lure of things such as toupees and hair plugs.

AIGA Design Conference, Boston (344 Design LLC)
This is an illustrated reporting and commentary about the 2005 AIGA National Design Conference in Boston. This piece was influenced by the work of R. Crumb, Art Spiegelman, Chris Ware, Rube Goldberg, Norman Schureman and Matt Groening.

The Independent Spirit Awards (Exopolis)
Anti-Oscards. Drunken Party and a celebration of the independent film community, casual, a little rowdy, and sometimes unhinged. The graphics represent a daytime beach party. Fashion and funky feel, with a bright sunny feeling of Santa Monica.

Everyday is a Holiday promotion (Design Army)
The coaster-calendar is a set of 12 letterpressed coasters. Each has a date specific to that particular month, and a fun illustration to represent the date.

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