Friday, 23 April 2010

Design for Special Events (Books)

This piece of GD is an invitation to the '2006 Spirit of Life Award Dinner'. The design for this event has a distinct LA look, with a simple black and silver colour scheme, with refined lettering foil-stamped and embossed, to embody the elegnace and sophistication of the occasion. The audience who recieve this are supose to realise the formality of the event.

Wallace Church Baseball (Wallace Church Inc)
This piece of GD is more image based as the audience is supsoe to interact with it by using the image 'tags'. The images represent confectionary picked up from a baseball match, with a calender of the baseball matches inside the wallet. It is clearly aiemd at NY Baseball fans.

Trillix Tailgate (Tailgate Marketing Group
Image and type based.

Social Entrepreneurship Conference in India (UMS Design Studio)
Image based

Brent Bolthouse's Birthday (Kira Evans Design)
Image and type based.

Arts Desire The Art and Wine Auction (TOKY Branding + Design)
Type based

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