Tuesday, 18 January 2011

The Powerpuff Girls

Opening title sequence analysis -
I analysed the title sequence for The Powerpuff Girls' as it was one of my favourites, with its bold colour scheme and the style of imagery. There is quite alot of simplicity but it is still a catchy sequence, and I can now see how most of the frames would have been manipulated within After Effects.
I like how the voice over works with the sequence. And how different colours are used for the background. I noticed how the blue, green and pink are used as background colours from the first free scenes, as they are the colours of which the three girls wear on their clothes.
The colours then become more intense and brighter as the music starts and the fightin begins
The only credit sused in this sequence are the name of the programme 'The Powerpuff Girls'' and who it is created by.

Here are some of the main colours used within The Powerpuff Girls sequence-

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